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Only now have they finally given me a break. Because I haven’t had a dance class this year. (But that’s a whole other issue…now I’m a weakling!!)

Anyway, shin splints are caused by a variety of things. Mine, personally, were caused by Irish dance….jumping around and very quick movement all on your toes, heels never touch the floor…bound to cause problems.

However, it is starting to become a common injury for many athletes. What causes it?

Shin splints are usually caused by muscle imbalances. This could be tightness/length of the opposite muscles, strength vs weakness, etc.

So here are some things to try if you believe you have shin splints :)

  1. Stretch your calves. A LOT. Odds are they’re way too tight and you’re neglecting them. 

  2. Strengthen your tibialis anterior (muscle on the front of your shin). Most people have seriously strong calves, and do nothing for the front half. While you’re sitting at the computer, put your feet flat on the floor and raise your toes up to the ceiling, and hold for 3 seconds. Repeat until tired.

  3. Stretch your quads and your hamstrings. Yes, these are related. 

  4. This is a big one. Are you ready for this?

    USE A MUSCLE ROLLER ON YOUR IT BANDS!!!!!! (outer part of your thighs)

    It is the most painful thing you will ever experience, but this is a common runner (and dancer) problem. 

  5. Related to #4, strength your inner and outer thighs. Odds are, they’re imbalanced too.

  6. ICE!!!

Find out which one of these is the most difficult for you. Once you figure it out and start to work on it, the shin splints should start to go away. :)

Honestly, once I started to learn this, and I started using a foam roller on my IT bands, it was like my whole world changed. Yes, I still had my shin splints and they still got aggravated easily, but I knew how to manage it and make it feel better. 

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